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About $McDonalds

Welcome to the unique website of McDonalds Token, a groundbreaking venture in the cryptocurrency world where only one token exists in total. This singular token represents the core of its distinctiveness and allure. Positioned within the innovative framework of the Arbitrum blockchain, this exclusive token ensures exceptionally efficient and cost-effective transactions. Our vision is to nurture a robust and engaged community around this one-of-a-kind McDonalds Token. Engage with this website and contribute to the narrative of a cryptocurrency that not only fosters joy and global connectivity but also stands out with its unparalleled concept of a single token in existence. Discover the exclusive world of McDonalds Token!


Token Audit:

McDonalds Token prioritizes security, evidenced by its comprehensive audit from This open audit reflects our commitment to the highest safety standards, ensuring a trustworthy and secure environment for our users. It underscores McDonalds Token’s dedication to being a reliable and safe cryptocurrency choice.

experts scrutinized every detail, ensuring its protection against any thieves, even those as cunning as HAMBURGLAR.

Your questions, answered!

$McDonalds Token is a unique, single-token cryptocurrency on the Arbitrum blockchain, known for its high security and efficiency.

The $McDonalds token can be acquired on the SushiSwap platform, operating smoothly within the Arbitrum blockchain network.

The smart contract address for $HAMBURGLAR is


Utilize this address to engage with the McDonalds token on the Arbitrum blockchain. To protect yourself, always verify that you're using the authentic contract address, steering clear of potential scams.